Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does it take to get a top finance job on Wall Street?
Answer: Besides being motivated and smart, it takes something special. Competition for these jobs is tough. You have to be your best throughout the recruiting process. If you are not involved in the formal recruiting process, you must know how to get in through back doors. The Wall Street Program will prepare you for all aspects of this process and help you be your best. Our 360° Approach features five tiers of Training Program and Services and will give you the competitive edge to get through the recruitment process and land an offer.
Question: Who is a typical client of The Wall Street Program?
Answer: The Wall Street Program is used by students and professionals worldwide who are interested in becoming the most prepared they can be in their efforts to get a job on Wall Street. Our clients are undergraduate students, graduate students, MBAs, JDs, MDs, professionals who work in similar or other industries and those already on Wall Street who want to move to another area of the business.
Question: What is the best way to utilize The Wall Street Program so I can land a job on Wall Street?
Answer: Do as much as you can to prepare yourself. Preparation is the best way to receive an offer on Wall Street. This means learn as much as you can. The most effective way to land a job on Wall Street is to understand what interviewers are looking for in candidates. Take The Wall Street Program Training Programs to learn financial modeling. Take The Wall Street Program's Job Search Strategy and Interview Training Program to learn what to do and how to effectively prepare for tough Wall Street interviews. Be active on the message boards and learn from your peers. Use The Wall Street Program Resume Submission Service to send your resume to Wall Street recruiters. Use all of your resources. Remember that it can be a difficult road in terms of preparation, but we want to be there to help you be your best.
Question: If I purchased the downloadable version of the Training Programs, can I switch and receive a hardcopy version?
Answer: Yes. If you change your mind and would like the Paper Version, you can pay a $20 service fee and the difference in cost between the Protected PDF Version and Paper Version. We will mail the Paper Version to you based on your shipping preference. You will be able to enjoy the advantages of having both the PDF and Paper Versions.
Question: I really have benefited from The Wall Street Program. I want to tell my friends and colleagues about it. Do you have an affiliate program where I can earn money when my friends and colleagues buy your programs and services?
Answer: Definitely. We have a very generous Affiliate Program. When you refer someone to us who purchases our Training Programs and Services you will also earn a percentage of the fees. See our Affiliate Program page for more information.
Question: How do the PDF downloads and downloadable Excel documents and supporting documents work?
Answer: The PDF downloads are very popular because they are less expensive for us to provide. Therefore, we pass the savings on to you by offering a lower purchase price for these versions. They are exactly like the print versions except they can only be viewed on your computer. After you purchase a PDF download, you will be able to download the PDF file and any supporting documents that accompany it. You will then be sent a license to be able to open and view the document on your computer. These documents cannot be printed and can only be viewed on your computer. The PDF version allows you the convenience of easy access to our Training Programs when you are using your computer.
Question: Approximately how many hours does it take to complete the Training Programs on financial modeling?
Answer: Most students spend approximately 60-100 hours building, analyzing and understanding the models and other concepts in each Training Program. Since each program operates on a self-study basis, you can spend as much time as you need and keep practicing the concepts throughout your career.
Question: Are there further discounts available for group orders?
Answer: Yes. Please contact The Wall Street Program and we can provide you with our discount pricing for group orders.
Question: I live outside the United States and want to order your Training Programs and Services. Do you ship overseas?
Answer: Yes. Our clients live all over the world. We use FedEx to ship overseas.