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The Financial Modeling and Forecasting Training Program will give you with the skills and knowledge to build a projection forecasting model in Excel for a real public operating company. Building a forecasting model is an essential part of understanding the finances of a company and its future financial performance. It is also the first step in doing a discounted cash flow valuation analysis. The Training Program will cover all the steps necessary for you to successfully build a forecasting model. You will learn how a forecasting model is built at a Wall Street firm. The methodology used to build the model is the same that you would use at a Wall Street job. It contains over 200 pages of invaluable training material.

The Financial Modeling and Forecasting Training Program is the best way for you to prepare and learn what you need to know to pursue a career on Wall Street. Once you learn the skills to successfully model the future financial performance of a company, you can then move on to valuation. Each Training Program includes completed Excel financial models and supporting documents which are available as downloads or on a CD-ROM. The financial models and supporting documents allow you to build your own financial models just as you would at a Wall Street job.

Valuation modeling is covered in The Wall Street Program Valuation Training Program which is a perfect companion to the Financial Modeling and Forecasting Training Program.

Key Topics (View All Topics)

  • Introduction to Financial Modeling and Forecasting in Excel
  • Learn how to construct valuation models to value a real operating company
  • Learn how to compile historical information on the company using appropriate documents (SEC filings, analyst reports, etc.)
  • Learn and build each of the core financial statements in the model
  • Forecast working capital
  • Learn how to set up a depreciation schedule
  • Forecast other long term items
  • Learn how to project shareholder’s equity
  • Complete a shares outstanding schedule
  • Learn how to create a debt and interest schedule
  • Understand how to make sure your model works and how to troubleshoot it


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