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For Investment Banking, Public Finance

The Public Finance Modeling and Training Program will provide you with a strong foundation to successfully pursue a career in Public Finance Investment Banking on Wall Street. We have created this Training Program to give you an edge as you prepare for a career in Public Finance. It contains over 200 pages of invaluable training.

Our Training Program teaches you everything you need to know to successfully prepare for a job search and interviews in Public Finance/Municipal Securities. The Training Program covers all facets of the public finance market, the underwriting process, bond math, structuring and sizing a new money issue, and building a refunding analysis model.

Acquiring these skills will give you a competitive edge against your peers as you interview for jobs on Wall Street. Your ability to convey your experience in building these financial models and your strong grasp of the industry will set you apart from other candidates.

Key Topics (View All Topics)

  • Introduction to Public Finance
  • Review of the primary and secondary market
  • Types of issuers of municipal debt and types of bonds
  • The players in the municipal market
  • The financing process and a comprehensive discussion of negotiated and competitive underwriting
  • The timetable of a bond issue
  • Bond Finance and Math
  • How a new money issue is structured and sized
  • Step-by-step process to build a refunding analysis model in Excel

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