The Comprehensive Corporate Finance Training Package - Add to Cart

For Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, M & A, Private Equity, Equity Research, Hedge Funds, Asset Management, Sales & Trading and Corporate Law.

The package includes The Wall Street Program’s 360° Approach. Our Approach utilizes five tiers of Training Programs and Services. It also includes a package discount of 20%.

Click on each link to learn more about each Training Program and Service. By purchasing our Training Programs and Services as a package, you receive our 360° Approach and a substantial discount.

Includes: PDF Version Paper Version and PDF Version
The Wall Street Job Search Strategy and Interview Training Program $59 $89
The Financial Modeling and Forecasting Training Program $249 $299
The Valuation Training Program $349 $399
Cover Letter and Resume Preparation Services $399 $399
Job Search Strategy and Interview Preparation Services (1 hour) $199 $199
Resume Submission Service $99 $99
Before Discount $1,354 $1,484
Package Discount -20% -20%
Total $1083.20 $1,187.20