The Comprehensive Public Finance Training Package - Add to Cart

For Investment Banking, Public Finance and Corporate Law involving Public Finance

The package includes The Wall Street Program's 360° Approach. Our Approach utilizes five tiers of Training Programs and Services. It also includes an additional package discount in addition to the 10% Savings received for purchasing two or more Training Programs and Services.

Click on each link to learn more about each Training Program and Service. By purchasing our Training Programs and Services as a package, you receive our 360° Approach and a substantial discount.

Includes: PDF Version Paper Version and PDF Version
The Wall Street Job Search Strategy and Interview Training Program $59 $89
The Public Finance Modeling and Training Program $249 $299
Cover Letter and Resume Preparation Services $399 $399
Job Search Strategy and Interview Preparation Services (1 hour) $199 $199
Resume Submission Service $99 $99
Before Discount $1005 $1085
Package Discount -20% -20%
Total $804.00 $868.00